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Industrial platforms play a vital role in today’s supply chain. Often platforms are the last to be designed, and the first installed. Our role is to make sure they don’t slow you down.

Legacy Platform was created to be a neutral expert resource that customers, end users, and suppliers can rely on to ensure the success of complex platform projects with as little stress and strain as possible.

For GCs working on complex distribution facility and warehouse projects, getting waylaid by the cumbersome platform system procurement process is frustrating. That’s why we created Legacy: to make the process of installing these systems easier. Our end-to-end set of services, help eliminate the burden this process imposes and closes the gap between manufacturer and contractor. We are not intermediaries trying to sell you products. We work for you and will provide the best recommendations for your needs and be on-site to ensure the job gets done to the high standards we share.

  • Bill Jones

    Bill Jones has worked in the Material Handling Industry specializing in Prefabricated Platforms for the last decade. In that time, he has worked on some of the largest, high-profile projects in construction, particularly E-Commerce and E-Fulfillment new construction. Bill’s approach is simple: build collaborative teams to solve challenges. Bill founded Legacy Platform as a way to meet the many overlooked opportunities to improve construction through prefabricated products. When he’s not creating column layouts, Bill can be found running, golfing, fishing and spending time with his wife and 3 kids.

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  • John Sloan

    John Sloan brings nearly 20 years of material handling experience to Legacy Platform, with close to 15 years in the Prefabricated Platforms space in various sales roles at a leading manufacturer. His eagerness to take on some of the most challenging jobs, much to the engineering teams dismay, has allowed John to work on very complex projects that illustrate the wide range of applications that prefabricated structures can be used for across industries. When he’s not working, John enjoys snow skiing with his wife and daughter, hiking with one of his sons or wake surfing with the youngest boy.

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  • Paul Schultz

    Paul Schultz brings his expertise in Sales and Program Management to build and support Legacy’s Operations. Paul’s experience has been working for two of the largest steel service centers in North America, while also finding success working in a variety of roles in manufacturing. Throughout his career Paul has always been able to provide a clear strategic vision for growth. Paul’s customer-centric approach ensures the best experience possible regardless of the challenges at hand. Paul is a family man who enjoys chasing his two kids around with his wife Laura.

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  • Catie Harvey

    Catie Harvey is a Project Manager supporting Legacy Platform’s Program Management team. Catie’s experience includes large scale event planning for a Fortune 500 company and account management for a startup where she led growth in her market. Catie provides our clients with strategic planning and exceptional support by managing project development, creating efficiencies, and driving projects goals. When she is not managing tight deadlines, Catie enjoys working out, and cooking!

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  • Capabilites

    With decades of experience in designing, deploying and installing high-complexity platform systems and other prefabricated products on some of the largest construction projects in the country, the Legacy Platform team loves the parts of the procurement and installation process you don’t want to (and shouldn’t have to) deal with.

    • Conceptual design definition and optimization for quotation and manufacturer release
    • Column load generation and slab analysis
    • Interference checks
  • Sourcing & Procurement

    • Creation of complete request for proposal and submission to qualified manufacturers
    • Quote generation & aggregation
    • Confirmation of quote completeness and comparison of all suppliers
    • Quality vendor feedback for every quote provided
    • Legacy will assist on everything from procurement direction and consultation to carrying the full responsibility of the procurement process
  • Value Engineering & Cost Management

    • Smart designs that utilize the complete prefabricated efficiencies, leading to cost reductions
    • Closely monitoring change orders and articulating them back upstream ensuring all costs are captured and avoiding scope creep
  • Permitting & Installation

    • Gather all technical documentation and submit permits
    • Manage plan check responses and resubmissions
    • Contract with our qualified prefabricated installation network to ensure competitive pricing, expertise, and capacity to effectively complete a job
  • Project Management

    • Ensure schedule compliance from concept to design and fabrication, through punchlist and thereafter
    • Control costs to remain within the budgeted sold price
    • Assurance of supplier capacity
    • Manage the communication and information flow among all stakeholders

Our Clients

Our clients include some of the largest, most respected general contractors and warehouse operators in the country. With national experience and reach, the Legacy Platform team stands ready to support any new construction or renovation project anywhere.

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Whether you're a GC or a warehouse operator, tell us about your project and we'll get back to you shortly to explore how we can collaborate.

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