Having started in 2019 as a procurement and project management company, Legacy has expanded and vertically integrated in capabilities. This venture includes the addition of Legacy Steel which joined Legacy Platform in 2023, providing customers with a direct solution to their steel fabrication needs. Legacy’s most important asset remains the same – people. Our thoughtfully built teams bring a wide array of backgrounds that have proven vital to our unique customer experience. More simply put, we have an incredibly talented team that is really good at efficiently building systems and products required in construction and industrial settings.


Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, Legacy Platform is an established neutral expert resource for customers, end users, and suppliers for complex steel projects. Our team ensures the success of each project, minimizing disruptive impacts to our customers while working to drive down costs. At Legacy, our goal is to provide general contractors, integrators, and end users with a single trusted source for all custom steel fabrication needs. From conceptual design through installation, Legacy provides exactly what a project requires by owning every complicated phase of the process. We are YOUR PLATFORM for a successful project.







Jack Kern
BIM Designer

Mike Lukowitz
Engineer II


This simple set of squares is something Legacy uses every day. Included in almost every one of our drawings, the pair signifies a column and baseplate. In steel construction, a column serves as the support to a structure. At Legacy, our goal is to be the support wherever your project needs it.